Purpose: This resource is provided for parents for possible venues for children’s birthday parties. Some venues are free (ie: city parks), while others require rentals from state, city or county parks, or private/nonprofit organizations.

NOTE: It is the responsibility of the parent to book the location and pay the rental fee directly for those sites requiring reservations.

Mountain ViewStarting PriceVenue
City of Mountain View Parks & Rec$106 / dayIndoor & Outdoor
Park Sites and Facility Guidefree for residentsIndoor & Outdoor
Shoreline Lakevaries by group sizeOutdoor
Senior Center Room RentalsvariesIndoor
SunnyvaleStarting PriceVenue
Park and Facility Rentals: Picnic$30-$240/dayOutdoor
Parks & Rec: Park Buildings$65-$95/hourIndoor
Sunnyvale Community Center$85/hourIndoor
STEAM Creativity Space$65/hourIndoor
Los AltosStarting PriceVenue
City of Los Altos Parks & RecVariesVaries
Los Altos Community CenterVariesIndoor
Grant Park$120 / dayOutdoor
Grant Park$50 / hour + $250 depositIndoor
CupertinoStarting PriceVenue
Picnic Areas for City of CupertinoVariesOutdoor
Group Picnic Area Finder- CupertinoVariesOutdoor
Teen, Senior, & Quinlan Centers$40 / hourIndoor, Park Nearby
Blackberry Farm$60 / dayOutdoor, Pool Nearby
Santa ClaraStarting PriceVenue
City of Santa Clara – Parks & Rooms$53 / dayIndoor & Outdoor
City of Santa Clara – Indoor Venues$68 / hourIndoor
Backyard Playground Party Space$300 / 4 hoursOutdoor
San JoseStarting PriceVenue
City of San Jose Picnic Areas$90 / dayOutdoor
City Facility Room Rentals$60 / hourIndoor
Backyard Space With Gazebo$40 / hourOutdoor
CampbellStarting PriceVenue
City Park & Picnic Sites$30/residents,
Community Center Board Room$52-72/hourIndoor
Community Center Multi-Purpose Room$84-119/hourIndoor with Kitchen
Los GatosStarting PriceVenue
City Parks & Picnic SitesVariesOutdoor
City Recreation Clubhouses$80 / hourIndoor
City Recreation Youth Center$60 / hour – Room AIndoor
SaratogaStarting PriceVenue
City Parks & Picnic SitesVariesOutdoor
El Quito Park, Kevin Moran Park, OR Wildwood Park – Large Picnic & BBQ Area$15 / hourOutdoor
El Quito Park, Kevin Moran Park, OR Wildwood Park – Entire Park$100 / hourOutdoor
Joan Pisani Community Center$75 / hour
Arts & Crafts or Patio Room